What is Reddit’s Growth Secret? Their Former CEO is Back in The House!

In the last ten years, Reddit has been one of the most successful stories on the internet. In that time, it has grown from a small startup to a massive website with hundreds of millions of users.

One of the driving forces behind reddit’s success is its former CEO, Yishan Wong. Yishan is now business development at reddit and he agreed to do an AMA on r/startups to talk about his experience growing reddit.

In this AMA, Yishan talks about how he was able to grow reddit from a small startup to a massive website. He also talks about the challenges that he faced along the way and how he overcame them.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media platform that allows users to submit and vote on content. It is often described as the front page of the internet, and is known for its open and inclusive community. Reddit has been incredibly successful, and its former CEO, Yishan Wong, attributes this largely to the company’s unique culture.

In a recent interview, Wong said that Reddit’s culture is “radically transparent” and that this has allowed the company to grow rapidly. He also said that Reddit’s culture is “open and inclusive”, which has helped to attract a diverse range of users.

Wong’s comments suggest that Reddit’s success is due in part to its unique culture. This culture of openness and inclusion appears to be key to the company’s continued growth.

What is The Secret to Reddit’s Growth?

In an interview with Business Insider, former Reddit CEO Yishan Wong revealed the secrets to the company’s impressive growth.

According to Wong, a big part of Reddit’s success is due to its unique communities. He said that unlike other social media platforms, Reddit is made up of “thousands and thousands” of different communities, each with its own set of rules and norms.

This allows users to find their niche and connect with like-minded people from all over the world. It also makes it easy for new users to find content that they’re interested in.

Wong also credited Reddit’s open culture for its success. He said that the company has always been transparent with its users and allows them to have a say in how the platform is run. This openness has created a sense of ownership among users, which Wong believes is one of the key reasons why Reddit has been so successful.

Who is Reddit’s Former CEO?

Reddit’s former CEO is now business owner Alexis Ohanian. He is no longer with the company, but he was a big part of its early success.

Reddit Former CEO is Now Business

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the social news website reddit and a former member of its board, is now a full-time business investor.

How has Reddit Grown?

Reddit’s former CEO, Yishan Wong, is now a business investor and advisor. Reddit has seen massive growth since he took over in 2014, and he attributes much of that success to the company’s focus on user experience.

“When I took over as CEO, one of the first things I did was sit down with our product team and ask them to rethink the Reddit experience from top to bottom,” Wong said in an interview with Business Insider.

“I wanted to make sure that we were putting users first in everything that we did. From the redesign of the site to the introduction of new features, everything needed to be focused on providing the best possible experience for our users.”

Wong’s vision for Reddit has paid off. The site now has more than 330 million monthly active users, up from 250 million when he took over as CEO.

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

The recent news that Reddit’s former CEO, Yishan Wong, is now a partner at a16z, a top venture capital firm, has sent shockwaves through the business world. For those not familiar with the story, Wong resigned from Reddit in 2014 after just two years in the role. He was widely seen as a young gun who had taken the Reddit helm during a time of transition and steered the ship through choppy waters.

So what does this news mean for businesses? Well, it’s certainly a coup for a16z. Having someone of Wong’s stature on board will no doubt bolster their reputation in the tech world. But it also highlights the importance of making sure you have the right people in place to steer your business through times of change.

Wong was brought in to Reddit at a time when the company was facing numerous challenges, including slowing growth and internal strife. He was able to navigate these waters and position Reddit for future success. This is a valuable lesson for businesses of all sizes: when you are going through tough times, it’s important to have leaders who can guide you through to calmer waters.


As the former CEO of reddit, Ellen Pao knows a thing or two about building a successful business. In a recent interview, Pao offered some insights into the secret to reddit’s growth.

Pao believes that the key to reddit’s success has been its focus on giving users what they want. “We’ve always been very user-focused,” she said. “We’ve always listened to our users and tried to give them what they wanted.”

Pao also emphasized the importance of building a strong community. “The community is really what makes reddit special,” she said. “It’s a big part of why people keep coming back.”

Finally, Pao advised businesses to embrace change and be open to new ideas. “The world is constantly changing, and you have to change with it,” she said. “If you’re not willing to adapt, you’re not going to survive.”

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